Eugenia Covernton

SCIENCE COMMUNICATION AND OUTREACHI do training, coaching and consulting in both oral and written science communication, along with management of projects related to science outreach.If you would like to contact me, feel free to book a short meeting to discuss or send me an email.Click below to see my current projects.

Lecturers Without Borders

I am the CEO of a non-profit NGO called Lecturers Without Borders that aims to organize free science outreach talks in schools around the world whenever scientists travel for work - or pleasure!Please visit our website to learn more about our activities and register as a scientist. And feel free to spread the word to any school that could be interested in getting free science lectures!

Courses and Workshops

I teach science communication in graduate and post-graduate levels in English, French and Spanish. I mostly focus on oral communication, although I have also developed workshops on writing of research proposals, reports and outreach articles.The content and length of the courses are tailored to the requesting institutions, so please fell free to enquire by email or request a meeting if you want to know more!

Coaching and Consulting

I offer coaching of researchers and students on oral communication (pitching of a project for funding, oral presentations, thesis defences) and on scientific writing (theses, papers and grant applications). I also perform proofreading of institutional press releases and reports.Please note: my aim is to provide guidance and suggest modifications to original work done by experts. It is not intended to replace their work and it focuses on style rather than content.Book a coaching session here.

Project Management

I am currently involved in coordinating a 2-year Erasmus+ project called HEIDI - "Digital Actions at Higher Education Institutions as a catalyst for social change in the COVID-19 crisis".My work involves selecting, scheduling and coordinating all activities organized within this project by the Université Paris Cité and participating as a speaker or moderator in some of the events.

I'm not good at social media, so I'm not sure you'd be interested in following me. If you are, though, please follow the links below. At the very least, you'll see cute pictures of my dog from time to time.

Photos by Bastian Greshake Tzovaras